The world is such a dance!

RLS visited Philip Gilbert Hamerton, the founder and editor of the Portfolio, artist and author who at this time was living at Pré-Charmoy, Tavernay, near Autun, Burgundy.

[For correct and critical edition of this letter, see Mehew 2, 575.]

 To his mother [Colvin 1911, 1, pp. 265-266]

[Café Felix,] Paris, October 1878.

My dear Mother,

I have seen Hamerton; he was very kind, all his family seemed pleased to see an Inland Voyager, and the book seemed to be quite a household word with them.

P.G. Hamerton, Pré-Charmoy, etching 1871 []

P.G. Hamerton, Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, Autun, etching 1871 []

P.G. Hamerton, A Difficult Place, etching 1871 []

P.G. Hamerton, A Night in the Canoe, etching 1871 []


P.G. himself promised to help me in my bargains with publishers, which, said he, and I doubt not very truthfully, he could manage to much greater advantage than I. He is also to read an Inland Voyage over again, and send me his cuts and cuffs in private, after having liberally administered his kisses coram publico. I liked him very much. Of all the pleasant parts of my profession, I think the spirit of other men of letters makes the pleasantest.

Do you know, your sunset was very good? The ‘attack’ (to speak learnedly) was so plucky and odd. I have thought of it repeatedly since. I have just made a delightful dinner by myself in the Café Félix, where I am an old established beggar, and am just smoking a cigar over my coffee.

V. Van Gogh, Terrasse de Café la Nuit, 1888 []

I came last night from Autun, and I am muddled about my plans. The world is such a dance! – Ever your affectionate son,

Robert Louis Stevenson

Autun Cathedral []

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  1. rdury says:

    I love that phrase: The world is such a dance!


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