I am tempted to call myself a valetudinarian

Enclosing some supplementary poems for A Child’s Garden of Verses.

[Dots between square brackets indicate cuts made by Sidney Colvin. For full, correct and critical edition of this letter, see Mehew 4, 1279.]

To Sidney Colvin [Colvin 1912, pp. 192-193]

[Marseilles, Early June, 1884]

Dear S.C.,

Are these four in time? No odds about order. I am at Marseille and stood the journey wonderfully. Better address Hotel Chabassière, Royat, Puy de Dôme.

Marseille, Le Port et le Fort Saint-Jean, c. 1890 [http://pierrebrost.com]


Royat [http://media.notrefamille.com]

You see how this d—d poeshie flows from me in sickness: Are they good or bad? Wha kens? But I like the Little Land, I think, as well as any.


From ‘A Child’s Garden of Verses’, 1885 [https://ia802604.us.archive.org]



As time goes on I get more fancy in. We have no money, but a valet and a maid. The valet is no end; how long can you live on a valet? Vive le valet!


F. Verheyden, Servant with a tray, 1852 [www.arthermitage.org]


Franck Antoine Bail (1858-1924), A maid watering flowers [http://1.bp.blogspot.com]


I am tempted to call myself a valetudinarian. I love my love with a V because he is a Valetudinarian; I took him to Valetta or Valais,


Malta, La Valletta [http://static.fanpage.it]


Valais central, Switzerland [www.socgeo.org]


gave him his vails and tenderly addressed him with one word,


P.S. — It does not matter of course about order. As soon as I have all the slips I shall organise the book for the publisher. A set of 8 will be put together under the title An Only Child; another cycle of 10 will be called In the Garden and other six called Bedtime to end all up.


In the final version of ‘A Child’s Garden’, 1885, there were separate sections called ‘A Child Alone’ and ‘Garden Days’ [https://ia802604.us.archive.org]

It will now make quite a little volume of a good way upwards of 100 pp. […] Will you instruct Bain to send me a Bible; of a type that I can read without blindness; the better if with notes; there is a Clarendon Press Bible, […] pray see it yourself.


A Clarendon Press Bible, 1871 ed. [http://biblerecords.com]


James Bain, Scottish-Canadian bookseller and librarian (1842-1908) [https://upload.wikimedia.org]

I also want Ewald’s History in a translation. […]


George Heinrich August von Ewald, The History of Israel, 1869, 2nd ed. [https://ia902205.us.archive.org]




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