“A cat-boat at our disposal, the sea always audible on the outer beach, the lagoon as smooth as glass”

Having spent the last fortnight of April 1888 at New York, RLS and his stepson Lloyd moved at the beginning of May to Manasquan, a small New Jersey watering-place; his wife having meanwhile gone to San Francisco, where she presently made arrangements for a Pacific yachting trip.

[As usual, for correct and critical edition of this letters, see Mehew 6, 2076.]

To Sidney Colvin [Colvin 1912, p. 237]

Union House, Manasquan, New Jersey [? 7 May, 1888]

My dear Colvin,

We are here at a delightful country inn, like a country French place, the only people in the house,

Union House, Brielle (Manasquan), New Jersey, c. 1900. Located on the Manasquan River, foot of Union Lane, burned down in 1914. The second floor room, near the corner, was occupied by RLS, May 1888 [www.briellenj.com]
Manasquan, New Jersey [https://upload.wikimedia.org
Manasquan, New Jersey [https://balakeradotcom.files.wordpress.com]
Manasquan Inlet [https://img.marinas.com]

a cat-boat at our disposal,

Boat House, Manasquan River, c. 1900 [www.briellenj.com]

the sea always audible on the outer beach,

Manasquan beach, New Jersey [www.manasquan-nj.gov]

the lagoon as smooth as glass,

Manasquan River lagoon, 1922 [https://collections.lib.uwm.edu]

all the little, queer, many coloured villas standing shuttered and empty;

Brielle (Manasquan), New Jersey [https://www.briellenj.com]

in front of ours, across the lagoon, two long wooden bridges; one for the rail, one for the road, sounding with intermittent traffic.

Manasquan, New Jersey [www.picclickimg.com]

It is highly pleasant, and a delightful change from Saranac.

Saranac Lake, New York, 1800s [www.bunksplace.com]

My health is much better for the change; I am sure I walked about four miles yesterday, one time with another – well, say three and a half; and the day before, I was out for four hours in the cat-boat,

A catboat off the coast, American School, 1889 [https://media.mutualart.com]

and was as stiff as a board in consequence.

More letters call. – Yours ever,


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