“I have found a yacht and we are going the full pitch for seven months”

[For correct and critical edition of this letter, see Mehew 6, 2082.]

To Charles Baxter

[Baxter Letters, 1956, pp. 220-1, at www.hathitrust.org]

Union House, Manasquan, N.J.,

but address to Scribner’s [11 May 1888]

My dear Charles,

I have found a yacht and we are going the full pitch for seven months. If I cannot get my health back (more or less) ’tis madness; but of course, there is the hope, and I will play big. We telegraph to you today not to invest £2,000; and I now write to ask you to send same sum quam celerrimum to our account at Messrs John Paton and Co., 52 William Street, New York.

Paton’s avertisement on The Banker’s Almanac and Registe for 1889 [https://books.google.it]
52 William Street, New York, former location of Paton & Co..

In reference to Henley’s note, I am at a loss how to answer.

Portrait of W.E. Henley, by A. Rodin, 1884-1886 [www.victorianweb.org]

You had better answer for me: as you judge it likely whether I would communicate such matter as he seems to think his letter contained – although I could never find that it did – to anyone except yourself. I will stand by your judgement and your answer. This shows me how wise you were to prevent correspondence.

If this business fails to set me up, well, 2,000 is gone, and I know I can’t get better. We sail from San Francisco, June 15th, for the South Seas in the yacht Casco.

Golden Gate, San Francisco, 19th century [https://2.bp.blogspot.com]
Pier 27, San Francisco waterfront, 1885 [https://3.bp.blogspot.com]
The yacht Casco [https://digital.nls.uk]

With a million thanks for all your dear friendliness,

Ever yours affectionately,

Robert Louis Stevenson

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